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Reunion Schedule 2015

Schedule, Lodging, Meals, Fees & Contact Information

General information for the various activities planned to take place, before, during, and after the reunion is provided below. This will be updated to include information about bus and car rentals, mobile phone rentals, etc. If you have any questions or need more information about the registration process please reach out to us on Facebook or send us an email.

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Pre-Reunion (North) Tour The Huqoq Dig, June 22
Tour Huqoq Dig (1 hour) led by our Dr. Jodi Magness who is leading this dig, see www.huqoq.org for more info on the dig. Be On Time.

9:45 - Meet up at Kibbutz Huqoq. From there we will caravan to the dig site.

To reach Kibbutz Huqoq, drive north along the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, through Tiberias, past Migdal, and past Ginnosar. Shortly after Ginnosar you will see a sign for Huqoq, indicating a turn off to the left (there is a gas station at the intersection). Turn left and follow the road until you see a sign indicating the entrance to the kibbutz on the right. Turn right and follow this road to the gate to the kibbutz. Park just outside the gate to the kibbutz, we will meet there.

This a closed dig, tours are not provided to the general public. There are absolutely no photographs or video allowed on the dig. Do not bring cameras or cellphones - leave them in your car.

Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Optionally, after touring the Huqoq dig:
Tour the ancient synagogues at Capernaum and Hammath Tiberias.
Boat Ride on the Kinneret, Fish Lunch at Ein Gev
Opt to arrive earlier and stay at a hotel for a night or two and visit other sites: Beth Shean, Beth Alpha
Swim  in the fresh water springs at Sachne

Pre-Reunion Sculpted Glass with Jeremy Langford, June 23
Meet with Jeremy Langford for a personal tour of his work.
This is a rare opportunity to see sites led by the artist himself.

1. 10:45 AM - Meet at the Kotel and get a personal tour at the Generations Center. See Archeology and Sculpted Glass Combine to Tell the Jewish Nation’s Story for reference.
Meet in front of the generations center- to the very left of the kotel, there's a ticket booth by the entrance for the tunnels and the generation center.

2. After that walk to Jeremy's new Waldorf Astoria project.
See Jeremy's Project at the Waldorf Astoria for reference.

3. Then, get Lunch nearby.

After lunch, those that have signed up for Ein-Gedi can caravan and car pool for the drive. This is optional, all bogrim are welcome to sign up for Jeremy's tour without going to Ein-Gedi.

Entrance Fee is 25 Shekel.
Pre-Reunion (South) Tiyul at Ein Gedi, June 23-25, 2015
Tuesday Evening, June 23
Checkin at Ein Gedi, Dinner, Evening Medura

Wednesday, June 24
Tiyul Mazada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea (spa)

Thursday Morning, June 25
Checkout and onto Sde-Boker or the reunion.

Cost for the Ein Gedi Field School
Rates for B&B: 2 in a room - ILS460 / night
every additional adult - ILS 135 / night
The rooms are from 2 to 5 beds: 2 bunk beds + 1 single
Rate for each:
if 2 in a room ILS 230 , 3 in a room ILS 198, 4 in a room ILS 182, 5 in a room ILS 173.

Sde Boker Reunion Registration June 25-28, 2015

Arrive June 25 or 26, Main days, June 26, 27
The schedule below is subject to change and adjustment, we could also end up moving events from one day to another as the schedule evolves.

Thursday, June 25
Lunch, Walking Tour of the Midrasha, Happy Hour, Dinner, Wadi Side Program, Moadon

Friday, June 26
- Breakfast
- 10:00 AM: Tour of Kibbutz Sde-Boker, Vineyard and Wine Tasting (30 NIS)
- Lunch
- Dr. Birnbaum to give a lecture on his new book.
   Copies provided to those that order in advance,  contribution to the doc's
   Amuta, “Shearim Netanya”  in the amount of $25 per book is requested.

- Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat Dinner
- Mo’adon

Saturday, June 27
- Breakfast
- 7:30 AM: Tiyul: Hike Ein Avdat to Ein Akev via Maaleh Davshon
- Lunch
- Pool, Happy Hour
- Dinner
- 9:30 PM: Night Sky Tour by the Wadi
   cost: 50-75 Shekel tbd depending on how many sign up
   the fee drops as more of us sign up. Assume this is a cash
   payment but be prepared for credit.

- Mo’adon

Cost for the Sde-Boker Fields School
Hostel Room - Guest Room
Single: 220-270 Shekel / 56-60 USD
Double: 270-370 Shekel/ 70-95 USD
Additional Child: 70-90 Shekel / 18-23 USD
Additional Adult: 110-130 Shekel / 28-34 USD

Room Types
- Hostel rooms: 6 beds in each room (2 bunk beds and 2 regular beds), bed linen, towels, coffee, toilet and shower, ac.
- Guest house rooms: 2-4 beds in each room, bed linen, towels, coffee, toilet and shower, cable TV, refrigerator, ac.

Registration & Payment
To register, submit your registration to our organizing team via this Registarion Page. The reunon team will take care of registering you with the Field School, you do not need to contact the school.

Payment for lodging will be done on site when you checkin or out by Credit Card. Note that charges for other items listed on this schedule may be charge or cash - be prepared for both.

Additional Meals
Lunch, Dinner: 42-69 Shekel / 11-18 USD
Lunch Dinner fees vary by type, child/adult and day: weekday, Friday, or Saturday
Lodging includes cost of breadfast

Meal Times
The times in () are the times we will target per our schedule of activities as a group.
Breakfast : 7:30 – 9:30
Lunch: 12:00 – 14:00
Dinner : 18:30 – 20:00

Payment Cancellation Terms:
- Two month to 1 week prior to date of arrival : ILS 100/room
- One week to 1 day prior to date of arrival : 50%
- On day of arrival : 100%

* There will be some additional costs payable in cash

Post-Reunion Tiyul South, June 28-30
Sunday, June 28
Tiyul Mahtesh Ramon

Monday, June 29
Kibbutz Neot Semadar or Ketura

Tuesday, June 30

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